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Real Estate Times is a community-driven eMagazine and Social Media Portal (no print version available) and is divided into different Sections – all frequently updated. Covers Residential and Commercial Real Estate News, including Buyer Advice, Seller Advice, Borrower Advice, New Homes, Home Loans, Interior and Architecture, Agency Trends, Realty Jobs, Events, Polls, Exhibitions, Meetups, Rental Advice, Announcements, Location Reports and Special Columns.

Our mission is to “connect REAL investors, developers, brokers, consultants, investment bankers, fund managers, owners and landlords, lawyers and legal experts, architects, interior designers, vaastu consultants, media, technology firms and policy makers to promote best practices in the real estate marketplace.”

The single most issue with brokers, builders, consultants, agents and commercial listing portals is that they have too many promises not kept. For example, a common promise is we will find a “Dream House for you”. For example, assume your dream house is a penthouse overlooking Nariman Point in Mumbai that costs under INR 20 Million. But when you visit these links you will find links to poorly executed pages covering tens of thousands of properties (many are junk & hype) – the haystack in which one is left to find a dream needle. Good luck, guys! What a mess, what is missing?

Truth, honesty and a real media. Most commercial and hyped-up portals, apps or property sites you refer will speak with a different voice, just to lure & be famous. If we brand ourselves as a “top builder,” what is it that we build? What does this term mean to real/potential home owners? What is your apps, site or portal doing to support that claim and extend best housing experiences to the customers? If you are a marketing expert or agency, what does that mean? When you claim to be a marketing expert, how are you extending that claim on your website or mobile apps in great ways so that your positioning statements are well supported?

To support all the stakeholders convincingly and rather than pure theorizing, we focused on creating an eMagazine – a strong, open, social and living solution, we called it “Real Estate Times”. Recently, few smarter players started piggybacking and hype branding on bought digital media platforms, sadly honesty is not a trade-able commodity as yet, lets watch if thug DNAs can change overnight w/o sweet cuts.

Real Estate Times was first portal to introduce lots of innovative features for real estate professionals and general public! We also bring you new thoughts with our panel of Editors, Writers and Experts. Features prolific articles, news reports, upcoming events, property classified listings, infrastructure trends, new projects, expert reviews and special columns on the many facets that mark dramatic changes in Global Real Estate Business.

We list Realty Businesses in our Marketplace Directory and publish Current and Hot Real Estate News, Announce Press Releases, Rental Apartment Listings, Periodic Newsletter Services, Architecture, Interior Tips, Construction Industry, City Profiles, Investment Avenues, Banking & Financing, Market Analysis, Legal, Capital and Market Advice to help purchasers and investors Building a Home, Buying a Home, Selling a Home, Understanding Market Conditions, Crunch Home Pricing and Valuations Data, Facilitate Estate Agent Marketing (MLS), Create Awareness among Realtors and policy makers, Run Publicity Campaigns, Showcase New Projects, Apartments, etc.

Frequently asked questions and answers about real estate properties. Do you have a question you need answered? Leave your comments, you might find the information you need. This is a free consumer advocacy site giving you tips on buying new, used or second homes. You’ll find tips on financing, mortgages, loans, real estate agents, insurance, negotiating, builders, scams, and more.. avoid Buying / Selling Mistakes.

We have special New Projects, Partners Directory, Videos, Prices or Rates, Events, Periodical Mailers as Journals, Interview Sections. You are welcome to submit Press Releases, Special Offers and your Own Personal or Official Blogs. We aim towards creating a free and transparent on-line publication media to facilitate realty, focusing on emerging markets. We are neither profit making dealers, builders or provide agency services, you should contact the advertisers directly to get more on their ads, listings, claims, offers, etc.

Committed to help common users and home seekers to make wise and transparent decisions on planning, designing, building, buying, selling, renting and leasing real estate anywhere. You can contact us for advertising and media services ONLY, clearly mentioning your objective, budget outlays, company name, address, contact person and land phones. Incomplete messages will be ignored or just marked spam.

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