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Investment Potential of Smart Cities – An Indian Perspective

This is a 250 pages Business Series Report and the scope of the research includes:

  • Core Functions of Smart City
  • Power tariff rates consumer category wise
  • Key Drivers of Smart City
  • Universal Aspects of a Smart City
  • Business Opportunities in different aspects of a Smart City
  • Dependencies in different aspects of a Smart City
  • Financial Models in Smart Cities
  • Leveraging the Private Sector
  • New Business Models of Smart Cities
  • The Road Map to Smart Cities
  • Competitive hotspots for existing Smart City Models

Table Of Contents

1. What is Smart City and Therefore Why Smart City?
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Context of Developing Smart Cities in India

2. The Smart City Framework
2.1 Core Components of Smart City
2.1.1 Competitiveness
2.1.2 Sustainability
2.1.3 Quality of Life
2.2 Major Pillars of Smart City
2.2.1 Institutional Infrastructure
2.2.2 Social Infrastructure
2.2.3 Physical Infrastructure
2.2.4 Economical Infrastructure

3. Enablers of Smart City
3.1 Energy efficiency
3.2 Smart Grid 3.3 Demand Management
3.4 Improved Access to Information
3.5 Environmental Viability
3.6 Citizen’s Participation
3.7 Smart Governance

4. Implementation Framework and Key Stakeholders

5. Identifying 100 Smart Cities

6. Centre’s Plan for Developing New Smart Cities
6.1 The Progress so Far
6.1.1 Issues and Challenges Faced by Active and Upcoming Projects
6.1.2 Lesson Learnt From These Projects
6.2 Opportunities for Private Players

7. Resilience – An Imperative to Next Level Smart Cities
7.1 Key Parameters, Performance Indicators & Benchmarks of GOI Vis-à-Vis International Norms
7.2 Evaluating Urban Resilience effi cacy in emerging concepts (GOI Vis-à-vis ISO)
7.3 Conceptualising a Maturity Model for Smart Cities (Level 1-4)

8. Investment Landscape and Financing Smart City Initiatives
8.1 Financing Mechanism
8.2 Selective Investment Plan
8.3 Estimated Cost of Smart City Greenfield Projects
8.4 Funding Partners of Smart City Projects (Active, Pending and Pilot)

9. Central Government Support
9.1 Financial Support
9.2 Policy Support
9.3 Capacity Building

10. Policy Externalities and Internalities

11. Future Outlook

12. Master Planning for Smart City
12.1 Urban Planning Strategies for Creating Smart Cities
12.2 Global Best Practices in Developing Smart Cities
12.3 Which of These Practices is Most Relevant to Indian Needs?

13. Smart Cities – A Global Perspective
13.1 Key Trends in Smart City Development
13.2 Major Issues and Challenges
13.3 Noteworthy Smart City Projects
13.4 Top 10 Smart City Suppliers
13.5 Best 20 Smart City Apps
13.6 Top 10 Internet Cities

List of 100 Smart Cities in India
Conditions Precedent for Smart City Development in India
Smart City Approval Process for states in India
Profile of Top Smart City Suppliers in India
A Blueprint of Smart Village Model in India