Email Servers Migration – both legacy webmail & new interface synced.


We at Solution Point, are undertaking a major revamp of our email hosting infrastructure and platform and as a part of this we are happy to announce that emails associated with your domains will be migrated to our newly powered platform very soon.

What this means for you:
Email on the OX platform will be launched on 2nd February 2015. During the transition window of 2nd February to 30th April, your email interface will be migrated from the current interface to OX7 – a modern, intuitive and user friendly interface, and the end date for your package will be set to 30th April 2014.

Email send/receive functionality will stop working on 30th April, 2015. However, you will be able to renew the concerned order and resume all services as per the new billing model.

After this transition, your billing model will change to a per account billing
This change will be irreversible and you do not have an option to stay on the legacy interface
There will be no downtime during this change and the change for each account will happen almost instantaneously once it has started
There will be no disruption to email services or loss of email data during this change
During the migration, all the saved signatures, filters, address book etc. from the current interface will also be ported over without any need for manual intervention
You can take advantage of superior email reliability, top of the line email infrastructure, enhanced deliverability and cutting edge email editor, search functions that OX7 offers

Changes to Pricing and Billing: Rs.450 per email account per year (approx)
If I currently have 100 email accounts on a Email package but only use 20 of them actively, will I be billed for 100 accounts upon migration? Yes, please delete any email accounts that may have been created for testing or one-time-use purposes that you will not be using any more, as billing will move to a per account basis and you will be charged for it. For example, 100 business emails billed Rs.39000/y, 20 business emails billed Rs.7800/y.

Business Email will give you a robust new email product on the OX7 platform which is Open-Source, Cloud based and comes loaded with a set of productivity tools. Billing at a per account level also offers more flexibility as every email account is independent of other email accounts.

What you need to do now?

Please inform all mail users about this upcoming change and the time frame during which the change may occur.

If you chose not to continue with our Personal or Business Email, we would strongly recommend that you take a back up of all your emails on a local PC (using Outlook, Thunderbird, etc..) before the 10th of May. After this date, you will no longer be able to download your emails as they will be deleted from the server.

We suggest migration to non-OX custom mail servers which will be economical (price unchanged, not per email ID) and simple if you only access emails via Outlook, etc.. and will not use advanced OX7 mobile apps and new features.

All other client login remains at

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