Unlike those popular faces popping all over, small businesses and non-corporate workers are feeling the real heat, and they’re facing the toughest challenges. Some might argue these job-eating closures are regrettable but ultimately acceptable losses in a necessary war against a uniquely deadly virus; but there are problems with this theory promoted by viral network of the beneficiary brands for whom the Covid years are proving to be artificially jolly-good! Zero investors or hero investors is no big deal, as it depends on a pervasive lack of confidence or over-confidence among intelligent investors in their ability to foresee the extent to which future government actions will alter their private-property rights. Oh yes, everyone knows some democratic cats are milking, some others waiting in queue for its inevitable turn.

There’s no clarity if lockdown events helped tame the virus or just helped few monster brands to capture more markets / minds by eating smaller fishes but majority of helpless public remains gripped by political anger, accusation, and protest. Its insult to injury toward the lives and livelihoods of commoners that have been ruined by lockdowns while some small protests are being applauded by the same people who days before were denouncing defiant small business owners and lockdown opponents as selfish and unscientific for urging public policy makers to open the economy and heal corrupt healthcare systems w/o mere profiteering intents.

Small business-owners and workers have every right to oppose the unprecedented lockdown regime, which was a knee-jerk reaction incited by collective panic that was carried out by central planners who saw little problem running roughshod over the property rights of millions. Protesting injustice during a global pandemic is just, righteous, and not a public threat. This is the triumph of ideology over reason. The right to assemble and protest doesn’t hinge on the worthiness of a cause (which is subjective); it is inherent in our nature as human individuals.

The rank hypocrisy is galling to anyone possessing a modicum of intellectual honesty, principled consistency, and self-awareness. But it must be especially grating to the billions of small business owners and workers watching their dreams get destroyed by lockdown orders from reckless digital leaders and flamboyant ministers.