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Although people think that living in a smaller home or flat is demeaning, the need of the new generation is exactly such homes. Most people today prefer living in smaller flats than large bungalows as they have become more affordable due to the reduction in their size. When there is a reduction in size, it directly impacts the payment structure and number of people wishing to purchase residential flats.
New Age Homes in Noida
Noida showed a decline of 16% making Anjara Projects and such projects sought after. There has been a sharp rise in the need for one and two BHK residential apartments across the top eight cities due to the reduction in size witnessed that has been of averagely 100 square feet.
The Versatile Marketplace
The entire sector of residential real estate solely depends on the demands of the user being such a versatile market. Hence, developers are constantly tweaking the size of the flats to make them affordable. Due to the lacklustre and unstable economic conditions and low confidence in market scenario, consumers have not been making as many purchases as hoped upon either. However this is slowly changing as the financial foothold is being regained and money is being spent wisely.
Due to the family structure, economic situation and trends in lifestyle there has been a noted change in demand for housing. Projects such as the Ajnara Homes Noida Extension are becoming popular due to their understanding of consumer needs. Reasonably priced and long lasting housing structures today dominate the Indian market as well as the international one.
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