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Arabian Vistas – The Luxury Property Show, Mumbai

Arabian Vistas is giving the UAE real estate industry an open door to find new customers and expand the relationship with existing ones by presenting the finest real estates of UAE. UAE is thought to be an ultra-modern and a standout amongst the most luxurious countries of the world. Arabian Vistas is bringing a great opportunity to showcase the luxury properties of UAE in one of the finest cities of India, Mumbai. Even though UAE is considered one of the most luxurious destinations to live, the properties are very affordable by international standards. Reports have shown that the price of prime luxury property in Dubai is at least 10 times lower than Monaco, the world’s most expensive residential property market. Property price returns of up to 20-40% per annum (depending upon emirate). The average rental in UAE yields of a stable 6%. Increasing land costs are going to increase these in many of the emirates.
A major factor influencing people to buy property in U.A.E is that if a person decides to reside in his own property, the person is protected against the increase of rents. On the other hand, if the person decides to rent the property, the person is guaranteed of monthly income. Either way it proves to be a win-win situation. Another big advantage of buying a property in UAE is that a person can obtain a residency visa via property ownership if the minimum value of the property is AED1 million, the person has a regular income equivalent to AED10, 000 per month and the property is habitable.
The tax-free living makes UAE makes it a very attractive destination to live. Expats consider this as the main motivation to find UAE extremely desirable. In the recent years, the host of the upcoming EXPO 2020 Dubai has been one of the most standout and advantageous real estate market the world has seen as of late. Along with that, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered one of the world’s safest cities. UAE ha a world-class infrastructure which is constantly being upgraded to keep up with the UAE’s fast growing population. The consumer confidence of UAE is also increasing with a steady pace. The consumers in the Emirates are the fourth most confident in the world and the most confident in the Middle-East. UAE has a thriving economy and a booming tourist industry, drawing in much worldwide speculation. Already 75% of the population in the UAE is composed of expatriates.
This is the first of the many property events organized by Arabian Vistas and it is being held in Mumbai. There are a lot of reasons as to why Arabian Vistas has chosen Mumbai as its first destination. One of them is that Mumbai is the only Indian entry in the top 30 cities for multimillionaires. India is home to 14,800 multimillionaires and Mumbai is home to the highest number of them — 2,700, as many as that in Munich. In 2014, Indians invested the most in the Dubai real estate market in terms of number of buyers and transactions. India is the largest trading partner of Dubai with the city welcoming more than a million visitors every year.
A number of properties are going to be displayed on this 2-day targeted showcase followed by a 1-day Gala event. The event is going to be held from 10th to 12th October 2015 at Mumbai, India and visited by a number of high net-worth individuals.