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Chennai’s OfficeJuvo Commercial Property Online

Juvo Online Services Pvt Ltd, announced today launch of, an online commercial peer-to-peer marketplace. Within three months of its launch, Office Juvo has successfully garnered numerous queries and fulfilments, thereby catering to the upsurge demand of Commercial Real Estate in Chennai. Office Juvo currently details on the property listing, inside view, property documents, establishing connect with the owner for the buyers and investors. For multiple start-ups , entreprenuers, SME’s and Enterprises who are looking at an Office Space in Chennai, can sift through the trusted and verified listings offering space for dedicated, co-working, shared, showroom, warehouse etc to be set up in Chennai.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. T.Shrikanth CEO stated, “Finding a right office space or a storefront has always been a challenge. Despite having hundreds of search results, there is always the need of an experienced management team, who can handle the property dealings for any corporate house. Trust and verification are amongst the key aspects. We, at Office Juvo are extremely excited to have unveiled our first in the series online marketplace, offering a wide choice of Commercial Real Estate within Chennai. As we have been an integral part of this industry, for over 28 years, we are able to visualise and address the key challenges a customer faces while identifying for a suitable property.”
Office Juvo’s methodology towards customer management is unique. Enquiries and Leads are primarily driven through a customer portal dashboard thereby facilitating easier access of information and credibility and record-kepping. Office Juvo shall be expanding its services by extending their arms to the top southern Indian cities.