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Bahamian Insurance Industry Poised to Witness Growth Driven by Positive Economic Outlook : Ken Research

• During the review period (2011-2014), the insurance industry in the Bahamas grew at an estimated CAGR of 4.7% driven by the recovering US economy.
• This rapid growth in Bahamian insurance industry will be further boosted by a large number of US-based SMEs entering the market.
Ken Research has announced its latest publication on, ‘The Insurance Industry in the Bahamas, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2019’, which provides detailed discussion of Bahamian insurance industry considering all related industrial and economic factors. A detailed overview of the demographics and associated factors are included thereby bringing out the major driving factors in the Bahamian insurance sector. Additionally, a comprehensive outlook of the competition, regulatory framework, distribution channels and natural hazards within the insurance industry of the Bahamas is also included in this research report.
The Bahamian insurance industry is currently under the positive economic status supported by its proximity to the US and the Government’s initiatives to boost infrastructure and tourism. The factors which are driving growth in the Bahamian insurance sector include competitive pricing, favorable regulations and the requirement for sophisticated tax compliant wealth management structure. In addition, the presence of restricted predatory competition also allowed capital accumulation which is further being used for upgradation of technology in the sector. As a result, in the Bahamas, the insurance firms tend to have a competitive edge over other financial institutions.
The domestic insurance market in Bahama is both diverse and vibrant with ongoing efforts to capitalize on the external market through international captives and insurance. Historical record has also revealed that the Bahamian insurance sector is growing at a CAGR of 4.7% over the past five years. The domestic insurance sector in Bahamas can be further segmented into ‘life’ and ‘non-life’ sectors. Both these sectors are represented and regulated by two primary trade associations including the Bahamas Association of Life and Health Insurers (BALHI) and the Bahamas General Insurance Association (BGIA), respectively. Growth within the non-life segment of the Bahamian insurance market over the past five years was governed by expansion of the tourism industry, which in turn is due to increased spending on high-value construction project such as resorts, casinos and hotels.
In addition to domestic insurance sector, the outlook for international insurance in the Bahamas is also positive. This growth can be attributed to the establishment of financial services industry that sought new wealth management tools aligned with the changing market/regulatory conditions worldwide. As of now, a large number of leading international banks have established base in Nassau and are proactively involved in both international life insurance and captives. Overall, it is projected the Bahamian insurance industry will witness fast growth over the coming five years.
The Global Insurance Industry
The global economy has begun to recover and is projected to strengthen moderately over the next five years. This is expected to support expansion of the worldwide insurance sector. The demand for both life and non-life insurance is expected to increase with emerging economic regions such as Asia-Pacific to remain as key drivers. For instance, the growth of premium insurance is projected to be the strongest in emerging Asia.
Some of the prominent trends persist in the global insurance industry are:
• Constantly evolving regulatory framework
• Steady upgradation of technology around various insurance segments
• Sophistication of risk management techniques
• Better risk monitoring
• Insurance companies are increasingly using data analytics to enhance profitability
Key Topics Covered in the Report:
– Detailed economic and competitive landscape of the Bahamas
– Overview of the Bahamian insurance industry
– Outlook of distribution channels within the Bahamian insurance industry.
– Detailed profiles of leading players in the Bahamian insurance industry
– Governance, risk and compliance within the insurance marker of Bahamas
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