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ERP providers for small enterprises strongly committed at CeBIT

The ERP (enterprise resource planning) sector is a powerhouse of digital transformation and competitiveness for small and medium-sized enterprises. This natural partnership between the ERP sector and SMEs is reflected at CeBIT. 90% of the ERP exhibitors who participated at this year’s CeBIT have already registered for CeBIT 2016 (14 to 18 March). And one of the main reasons they’ve been so willing to commit to the show at this early stage is because of the strong turnout by visitors representing SMEs. By way of background, CeBIT’s recent repositioning as a pure B2B event has given a major additional boost to the quality of the show’s visitors. Combined with a range of highly targeted measures on the part of Deutsche Messe, it also elicited a massive 12% increase in the number of SME professionals attending this year’s show. And this, in turn, has prompted many exhibitors to get in early and book their stands at CeBIT 2016.

One example of the events and formats referred to by Felzmann is the SME Lounge, which premiered to major visitor acclaim at this year’s show and will feature an enlarged exhibition zone at CeBIT 2016. Another is the well-established ERP Forum, which in 2016 will again be an important meeting hub for SME-sector visitors. The forum is a joint production by Deutsche Messe and its long-standing partner Trovarit AG. The industry associations BITKOM (German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media) and BITMi (German Federal Association of IT-Sector SMEs) will also once again be on board.


We will continue to build on this and provide tailored formats and events to key small and medium-sized enterprises into the many possibilities and opportunities afforded by digitization and digital india campaigns back home. Accounting ERP Software is useful for Mail Order, Distributor, Trader, Manufacturer, Processor, Wholesaler, Agent, and Importer.

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