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Hosachiguru helps you generate Green ROI through farmland investment

Hosachiguru is a leading agricultural asset management company offering structured investment products to green conscious stakeholders. Offering its buyers high potential farming land starting from 1 acre, and generating tax-free passive income. Investors get to own a piece of farmland which will generate a return on investment up to 30% annually, earn large return from timber yield and the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint on earth.

It buys large farmlands, divides it into smaller land parcels and sells it to individual green conscious investors. Once registered, Hosachiguru involves in precision farming on the land and generates tax-free income for the owners. Upon being asked what has been the key to this success, Srinath, director of Hosachiguru says, “Scale has been the key to our success. Subsistence farming is no longer sustainable. At Hosachiguru, we cultivate land productively and sustainably so as to minimize risk and maximize returns for our investors”.

Hosachiguru team with a combined experience of over 100 years, already has 250 acres of land under development owned by 80 highly educated and green conscious customers who are reaping the benefits of owning these farmlands.

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Address: Hosachiguru. #1, 1st Floor, Hara House, Gutte Anjaneya Temple Street, Wilson Garden, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore- 560 027
Twitter: @Hosachiguru
Contact Person: Shubra Acharya
Contact Number: 80 6699 0055 / 9986 713 450