Feku media strategiests mating cronies – ready to welcome new species!

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Why do colonizing media entities like The Populars, Fakebooks, Flipping Karts, Bhakt Adani, Tweety Ducks, WhatsAppy, Branded Parties, Googy Woogies need to charge customers any amount upfront? They already have ROI anarchism injected into their very fabric thanks to nefarious agenda of its 100% commercially motivated masters both in East and West! No wonder if they start charging few bucks per day for using those exploitable and monopolizing social media platforms partnering with telecom oligarchies, which were free to suck as many human pigs until now! It has gotten us addicted, now its time for next logical phase i.e. indoctrinate, loot, salvage and sabotage as per “heir masters voice”.

There is a sober word for such loots, white-collar gurus call it “return on investment”, higher the better. How, why, when and what of those investments is a top secret recipe. Good god, get a bumper noble prize for guessing. Internet was a much deeper and democratic universe of collaboration and sharing which a dozen hyped fakebook brands took over recently with capital investments, and filling the space with pure junk to shrink the Net deliberately!

Is Internet a broadcasting vehicle for indoctrinating the masses by the ruling elite? India have a high number of bot infected machines, a low adoption rate of filtering spoofed packets & unwanted apps, low cyber security awareness, public sway with winds of looter sponsored rosy ads, lack of adequate security practices and infrastructure. The governments and sociology-political groups are becoming direct beneficiary of resulting developments and vulnerable situations, and they will never find incentives for really enforcing good practices just to save their own asses, now only God can help the masses carrying these propaganda machines and curvy gadgets, literally.

They say ads on the Faku platforms are not profitable, who said them to spread few monopolist monsters like there is no tomorrow. Do all the targeted users have basic and fundamental idea of how the network works? I bet 95% of today’s Internet users in India are novices, vulnerable – deprived of their digital rights with sheer deception starting from buying the hardware or choosing the basic telephony provider. Popularity is just result of Netbank MLM with black money power, like Votebank in politics or SpectrumBank in resources.

Third party sponsored DDoS attacks are proven to be effective and sometimes devastating for small competing organizations, so cronies becomes overall boss and easily manageable for rulers, and dream we slaves as billions of followers. Many slow attacks attempt to make other authentic on-line services unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources, so few biggies become indispensable and champs.

Take for example, some ultra-modern cronie pampered developers will not hesitate in creating apps that exploits loopholes in Mobile, Android, Windows, iPhone, Noikia, or any other device which can get the slave gadget to take photos with its camera and upload anywhere on your behalf. This is just a no-harm done beginning..

Also reminds me words of a new shrewd client who asked few years back if his brand can be on desktops or machines of all users by hook or crook possibly via basic Internet provider itself, instead of standing in queues or asking for permissions. Forget listening, I hate such intrusive ideas, but many other ultra modern tech-cronies are coming to rescue of its close breeds since then, results are almost predictable, private brands becoming synonym of Internet. Now, thou bow.

No one has the strength to “take on and defeat” social problems caused by a weak, corrupt and “demoralised” country and for the corrupt (MP, MLA & Co) there is Kabir saying: “कोयला भि हो उजला, जरी पाडी जो सेक मूर्ख होय न उजला, जो काला का खेत” – A coal becomes white when put on fire. A fool or today’s corrupt does not shun his foolishness or corruption terror after any treatment, they are again in a new kind of highs, acting and mating with rejuvenate star glamor and journalistic performances riding on paid media platforms.

Getting carried away with glistering anti-social ads, luring billboards, loony campaigns, malicious brochures and feku promises of the smart guys, many commoners are already hallucinated with dreams and a so-called “better-life”. They are rather experts in diverting attention of masses with illusion, hypes, divide and rule. How far are we from business of fishy “paid votes” – just tap 0 on a spiritual gadget and get return vesta gifts tipped with ladoo bhog, perfectly religious bribe endorsed by state-sponsored avatars!

3 thoughts on “Feku media strategiests mating cronies – ready to welcome new species!”

  1. राम भरोसे #politics of baba & babe as reasons for all future lifestyle devastation & nature’s fury..

  2. Free Expression of Ideas are NOT at mercy of any language, हिंदी_दिवस bhakt bickering are for conformity धंदा

  3. Rejecting job applications is not a big deal compared to tagging / deciding what they do not like as negative values, which also reveals character of the person(s) taking that decision, and possibly vice-versa.

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