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Infographics with heat maps to help analyse the trends for realty investments

One has to go through rounds of extensive online and offline research, when planning to buy or sell a property. Although a painstaking task, this is a very important step in determining your choices and making an informed decision. Understanding specific market behaviour is not something that individuals can get a grasp of very easily. With the amalgamation of technology and information coupled with customer focused initiatives, it is now easy to get information at the click of the mouse to evaluate the buying and selling options and make an informed decision.
Price Trends by is an ingenious representation of a wealth of data about specific markets in an innovative and simple format. This integration of technology and data is designed to give home buyers and sellers an edge when it comes to making the right property choice.
The data is displayed in a manner which is easy to understand and can even be followed by a person who is not up to date with the market. All the information pertaining to price trends is displayed in the form of heat maps, simple graphs and tables which enable the user to get a good grasp of the real estate scenario in that particular market.
The feature offers several key details about the market:
Information on average capital value for all kinds of residential properties, prevalent in a particular city/locality. The buyers and sellers can be in tune with the current market prices at any given point of time
A detailed overview of the locality including price trends observed over the years, quarter to quarter price appreciation and depreciation analysis and current demand and supply statistics
Price trends also includes a market comparison widget between localities that will help understand and review your buying decision
Heat Map is a great graphical representation of data which gives key pieces of information to the users all in one go. Users will be able to see which areas are in demand, the supply situation in a particular locality and average price of each locality. Using this tool, the buyer will be able to analyse and decide on the localities that best fit into his budget.
Looking to read more on a given locality? Then Property Bytes integrated with Price Trends gives you all the latest news and reports on the selected locality/ city
This dynamic feature procures data from a vast collection of user, builder and locality information and interprets so that you can understand the market better. The wealth of information is sure to play a crucial role in your buying or selling decision.
Currently the feature is available for seven cities in India (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore)