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Real Estate Events, Shows and Exhibitions – How honest are they?

There are many events now-a-days – in Dubai, Singapore, UK, India, US, China, Brazil, Russia, Tax Heavens and other dream cities / locations…etc They are basically Selling Investment Opportunities in Real Estate & Infrastructure Facilities, showcasing to let the prospective investors know the specifics of their projects and offers. Maybe the awakened cronies are trying to build some foundations for more openness and transparency in media and real practices, are they? Positive hype cannot be ruled-out as actual results of property investments spans beyond human life itself, chances of the smart being caught are rare. Why should the hyper cowboys care about fate or homes of the next generation – even of its own kind and breed!
The demand for good real estate investment information far exceeds the supply. However, a large group (of agents, advisors and builders!) have come forward to part undiscerning fools from their money by promising to deliver good real estate information, but instead delivering a mishmash of stuff that sounds good to the ignorant novice, but which would be laughed at by experienced investors and baits who escaped some close encounters.
The last thing we want is a report named, “Real Estate Scam Year 20..” – explaining how these real strategies were implemented through specific finance and asset management tactics. The report will recognize that company managements were motivated to try to preserve shareholder value by reassuring investors of future profitability and avoiding disclosures that triggered potentially risky investments or litigations. It will also recognize that some of the aggressive tactics appear to be permitted under prevailing 20.. rule interpretations and the Government Officials had some role to play!
Again, if we can call someone a serious investor – he definitely studies the merits of the factors that really matters. There are many guides and indicators. After listening and analysing what others have to say (including us), do remember to prepare your own, and be highly objective. Never ride waves unless you’re a surfer or insider, they always have potential to drag a novice into deep, wild and unchartered oceanic traps. If you love adventure, rather spend those hard earned bucks on jungle safaris to capture glimpses of Earth’s fast vanishing natural habitat.
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