Tranquilizing Beauty of Kovaipudur Is the New Destination for Property Builders


Kovaipudur is at the foot of the Western Ghats in Coimbatore, a city in Tamil Nadu, India. It is among the largest townships in the area and is now one of the main points of interest for property builders, as a growing number of businesses and families are looking to move, work, or live in the area. Kovaipudur is also known as ‘Little Ooty’ because of its serene environment and cool climate. This large neighborhood was established in the late 1970s.
Kovaipudur is currently home to about 7,500 families and several schools, including two engineering colleges, three arts colleges, and a polytechnic. Small colonies have also been established around the area recently. The soothing breeze and cool temperatures are two of the major reasons why Kovaipudur is attracting more people. The mean temperature is often lower than Coimbatore’s.
Despite its location at Coimbatore’s southwestern border, Kovaipudur can easily be accessed by car and public transport. The Tamil Nadu government has recently provided another Regional Transport Office in the area. The strategic location of Kovaipudur makes it a more tranquil and relaxed place for families and students to reside. The level of noise pollution is very low, so it is easy to concentrate, raise a family, and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings.
Kovaipudur can be a gateway to exploring the surrounding area, too, as it lies at the mouth of Palghat Pass while being a 10-minute drive from Ukkadam. It is possible to reach Gandhipuram in 30 minutes by car from Kovaipudur. Via railway, you can cut the travel time to 15 minutes. Coimbatore Airport is only 30 minutes away. Kovaipudur is close to Siruvani River, which is known for its sweet water.
If you are interested to move to Kovaipudur, look for a reputable property builder that specializes in building homes in the area. One of the leading realtors and property builders has three current projects in Kovaipudur to give you more options. Look for a builder that has a structured and well-managed engineering and architectural team that closely works with globally acclaimed architects to create efficient and attractive homes.
Property builders are striving to build well-equipped homes that are suitable for most budgets. Reputable service providers can arrange home loans and DTP approval, too, and make sure that your home is accessible to well-planned roads. All homes have continuous water supply and electricity, and they are built at prime locations to keep them close to shopping centers, roads, schools, hospitals, and other important facilities.
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