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Smart Societies: A Step Forward Towards Developing Smart Cities

India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Modi had announced his vision to set up 100 smart cities across the country soon after his government was sworn into power mid last year. A total of Rs 98,000 crore has been approved by the Cabinet for development of 100 smart cities and rejuvenation of 500 others. A smart city uses digital technologies or information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.
Falling in line with the P.M.’s vision, new developments such as Smart Society Solutions are a major breakthrough in the Apartment Management space. Apartment management is becoming one of the most challenging jobs, with growing sizes of apartment complexes in India. With most of the members offering a voluntary service to their apartment residents as a management committee member, the personal life of an individual gets quite affected in dealing with apartment maintenance issues.
This is where Apartment Management Solutions such as one offered by TECHOMEZ suitably outrank general, manual management systems. Platforms like Techomez transform a normal apartments complex into a Smart Society by automating each and every step of apartment management like administration, billing & accounting, facilities management, enhanced security with online access to information and Email, phone notifications & SMS alerts.Techomez- A Smart Society Solution is a cloud based solution for the end-to-end management of large apartment complexes with features that help in automating & streamlining processes, thereby improving service levels, while at the same time effectively reducing the costs, manpower & hassles of managing the complex. With technology that enables inter-personal interactions with your neighbours and helps you to form interest groups through social-networking and improve your social life, helps you promote your home business online on the platform, enhances your and your vehicles’security and gives you access to all the information you require and keeps you updated with all the developments happening in your society- all this on your smart phone.
Smart Societies are making manual management systems a thing of the past, and are definitely emerging as the Smartest Social Decision and an essential step froward towards building and developing Smart Cities in India-a project undertaken by our Government to put Indian cities on the global map.