Karjat Land blessed by Lord Shiva reforms lives and fortunes of families


When Arvind Nair, a businessman in Johannesburg was blessed with the gift of fatherhood after trying for many years, he knew his life would change forever. However, what he didn’t know at the time was that his son, Arun, would be diagnosed with a rare health condition which would affect his speech abilities and cause sporadic violent outbursts, making it very difficult to handle the child. As a doting father, he felt horrible that his son was undergoing such pain and that is when his uncle and aunty back in India, more specifically, Mumbai told him about a very serene and peaceful place near Karjat which they have been visiting for some time. Arvind’s uncle and aunt told him about all the good fortune and positivity that has been coming their way since they started visiting this auspicious site. While Johannesburg is quite far, listening to the wondrous tales of this mystical destination, the empathetic spirit of fatherhood in Arvind could not be controlled. He packed his and his family’s bags and set off for the blessed, mystical land. Approaching the site in Karjat, Arvind could feel the positive energy and vibes around him and to his great surprise, he noticed that Arun, the non-speaking and often violent 6 year old son of his, was attempting to speak to his parents, something he hasn’t tried doing in years. On arriving at the site and spending a couple of hours there, Arun started enjoying himself to the fullest. He was happily playing around trying to talk to his parents as well. This was definitely nothing short of a miracle for the Nair family. Arvind also felt a wave peace and calm come over him at that site and in that moment of complete serenity and bliss, seeing his entire family completely happy for the very first time, he decided to purchase a plot at the site.
Like Arvind, many families believe in the power that this magical site beholds. The site, called Stallion Estate is situated just below the Bhimashankar Temple and the plot purchased by Arvind lies on the Karjat side just below the foot hills of this temple. Hundreds of people hike from Stallion Estate to this temple. It is said that the wishes which the devotees make whether it is for themselves, their family, friends or relatives come true. People of all religions have come here to worship not just from India but from all over the world.
Apart from the plot’s divine and auspicious properties, Stallion Estate offers residential plots in Karjat sizing from 1600 Sq. Feet onwards, fully developed with road, electricity and water supply. It is the Sub-division of a gated community and has 24 hour security. It also has a Club House, consisting of Gymnasium (common) and a Locker Room, Reception / Pantry, Restaurants etc. and all of the latest amenities.
Arvind Nair and many families like him have taken charge of their lives in the past couple of months. If anyone reading this is going through a personal crisis, all you need to know that the power to change these circumstances lie with you and miracles are possible.
For more information, feel free to reach out to Stallion Estates at 022 6678 5671/72/59 or log on to their website http://www.stallionestate.com/index.html
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