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The small house to villa saga

The call for a roof on our heads has now transformed into a demand of 3 to 4 BHK apartment with big terrace / lawn and at times both. In every property related advertisement you see or hear, there is one thing in common and that is the invocation of having a villa as surprisingly pocket friendly cost. Let us see if that is even possible.
The Transformation
The switch in demand or property trend from small houses to those that guarantees a lavish lifestyle has been fairly evident for some time now. The reason can be a lot from an increase in income and standard, availability of options, the concept of the house turning into a home to the live example of launched luxury apartments. A large number of builders, seeing the growth in demand of premium properties, have started launching their projects in this segment.
The concept of luxury homes
Like many things that a nation adopts from the west, luxury homes is also one such giving. The mindset, which prevailed in investors’ minds before, was that small house equals low cost equals good. Now, however, the thinking has changed to bigger house equals status quo equals good.
Features of a spacious cum luxury dripping house
There are some factors, which are common in every luxury house, they are:
1. Large space
The per square feet area of a luxury house should be much higher than ordinary houses. It should be big enough to support any interior decoration as the inhabitant sees fit.
2. Security system
A luxury house is incomplete without a tight security system in place. The unit should have at least one camera on the door to see who knocked, an alarm system and a doorman or security guard just a phone call away.
3. Centralized facilities
The house should be filled with centralized AC, lights etc. so that nothing has to be attached separately.
4. Eco friendly
The house should be environment friendly; the facilities that developer provides should be tested for their affect on environment.
5. Modular kitchen and bathroom
A luxury house absolutely need to have a modular kitchen and bathroom to provide an uber and chic look to the house. Along with providing an elegant look, they also provide a large space for utility.
6. Greenery
Any luxury house is incomplete without the large green area that is in abundance on the terrace, lawn.
7. Internet friendly
Your luxury house should be internet friendly; the property, which has the facility of a Wi Fi, is automatically considered a prime property for investors.
8. View
No house is luxury house until it gives a breathtaking view of a park or swimming pool or something else that is worth seeing.
9. Golf course
It is of utmost importance for a luxury house to be in the close proximity of a golf course, stadium or shopping complex. These are some of the establishments, which make a house luxurious.
10. Nearby amenities
There are some amenities that need to be in the locality of a premium house to make it luxurious like parking space, ATM, grocery store, clubhouse, golf course or stadium and shopping malls etc. Detailed information regarding branded residences can be found at
Luxury apartments at not so luxury cost
The features or amenities that you get in a luxury house are bound to come with a high price tag. However, the real estate scenario in India is different; you can easily buy luxury houses at different price range here. The factor that affects the price of your future luxury house is locality and builder. They both work in different directions too with builder charging low price irrespective of the locality. The trend of owing a luxury house has made developers give out houses at lower cost and full amenities in order to be different from their competitors and to ensure sale of all units irrespective of the economic condition.
Luxury houses are going to be trend for a long time, as the concept of small homes have been lost in the crowd of high rises and the luxury glitter. It is a good time to invest in one after a careful analysis of cost and builder.
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