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Global Industrial Gas Market to Prosper Due To Multiplying Demands

Industrial gases are those which have been manufactured to be used across various industries. Some of the gases which are termed as industrial gases are medical gases, specialty gases, fuel and refrigerant gases. Bulk gases or commodity gases are also referred to as industrial gases and they are being produced in bulk by companies so that they can be used in a variety of industrial manufacturing processes. The industry comprises of those establishments which manufacture organic and inorganic gases for industries in any of the three forms, be it compressed form or liquid form or solid form.

The report titled “Industrial Gas Market Global Report 2017” provides an overview of the industry and its importance for the global economy. Segmenting the industrial gases by types, application and technology, the report presents the data on the supply and demand of these industrial gases. The technological innovations that are emerging in this industry and are used for the production and the distribution of theses industrial gases and the use of the gases are discussed in detail. Since, the market for the industrial gases is affected by the governmental regulations for environment and energy, description of the changes in the regulations and the various agencies that are involved are described, each in the form (solid, liquid or gas) applicable for the particular industrial gas in question.

The report analyzes the size of the market and its segments for the period 2012 to 2020. The structure of the industry, major players, market shares and the mergers and acquisitions that have happened in the industry are analyzed in the detail. The companies included in the report are The Linde Group, L’Air Liquide S.A, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Airgas Inc., Air Water Inc., Messer group and the products covered include Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Acetylene, and Argon.

End user industries like energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals etc., due to their steadily increasing demand, are becoming instrumental in the growth of this industry in the future. These end-user industries use various gases such as medical, fuel, specialty, and refrigerant gases to obtain higher operational efficiency. Increasing demand is also going to be fueled by the growth in several developing nations like India, China, South Korea etc. fueling the global growth of this market.

In 2016, Asia has been observed to be the largest market for the industrial gas industry due to the manufacturing industries of China and India which have created huge demand for industrial gases. Infrastructure development in the Asian countries is expected to result in increased demand for the industrial gases needed to produce larger volumes of steel for the growing infrastructure. After Asia, Europe has turned out to be the second largest region among the markets for the industrial gases followed closely by Americas in the recent years.

In the coming years, industrial gas market is anticipated to record huge revenues than ever before around the globe with rapid increases in the demand subject to the developments in infrastructure.

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