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Novice and veteran travelers can now map out the ultimate trip to Paris, thanks to the unique and informative travel blog site.

Tbilisi, GA (USA), May 31st, 2017 — Novice and veteran travelers can now map out the ultimate trip to Paris, thanks to the unique and informative travel blog site. Created by entrepreneur David Olliver, the picturesque website contains captivating pictures and an attractive layout that is easy for users to navigate.

Potential travelers seeking to go beyond the surface of the beloved French capital can visit the website and discover the city in a whole new way. It provides exclusive information about the world-famous destination affectionately known as the City of Light. It focuses on showcasing hidden treasures and the best that the city has to offer. “I list well-known places in Paris, along with some hidden places and other interesting attractions,” says Olliver. “My goal is to make people forget that they are tourists. I want them to feel like native Parisians, exploring the best of Paris.”

Each blog post on the website is written by a team of experienced travelers who have journeyed all over the city documenting their experiences and making notes of how to make it affordable and enjoyable for others. In addition, the team has created in-depth travel guides and travel books for the city to supplement the website.

Distinctive features on the site include personally-written guides and tutorials on the art of booking inexpensive flights, which is usually the bulk of travel expenses. Flights and lodging can easily be arranged through the site as well. Another useful feature of the site is the comparable deals and discounts on tours and transportation.

The mobile version of the website allows for more social connection features. While using the mobile site in Paris, users can share their location and invite other users to join them where they are. They can also post instant reviews of the locations they have visited while there to help other travelers. “The goal is to connect people from all over the world when they visit Paris through our mobile version so they can share and discover the city together,” says Olliver, summing up the benefits of the social connection features. “As a result, they can create lifetime friendships, find the most convenient accommodations, and experience the finest tours and the finest dining.”

Paris by David commits itself to delivering useful information and advice. Whether someone is looking to plan a meaningful trip, check out the local neighborhoods, visit well-known museums, admire the street art or indulge in the food culture of the city, Paris by David will help transform any trip to Paris—before and throughout the duration of the journey.

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About David Olliver:
David Olliver, from the country of Georgia, is an entrepreneur who is passionate about Paris, France and connecting people to the city. In addition to being CEO of Paris by David, he is a technology writer and has developed web applications and 3D mobile games. Learn more about Olliver, his services and his love for Paris at

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