CREDAI Telangana announces new office bearers


Besides working in close coordination with the State Government, The New team to focus on ‘Skill Development’ of members across domains and set up ‘Centre of Excellence for Skill Development’ in 3 districts besides the office in Hyderabad.

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) Telangana elected the new office bearers, and CREDAI Telangana Youth Wing committee for a tenure of 2023 to 2025, who will be responsible for heading and strengthening the CREDAI initiatives in Telangana and support the development of the sector in the region. The new team will be led by Sri D. Murali Krishna Reddy as Chairman, Sri E. Premsagar Reddy as President, Sri K. Indrasena Reddy as President-Elect, Sri G. Ajay Kumar as Secretary, Sri B. Panduranga Reddy, Purshotham Reddy, Gurram Narsimha Reddy, Govardhan Reddy as Vice Presidents, Jagan Mohan Chinnala as Treasurer, Y. Venkateshwar Rao, Bandari Prasad, Cheti Rama Rao, M. Anand Reddy as Jt. Secretary of CREDAI Telangana. For CREDAI Youth Wing Telangana, Sri C. Sankeerth Aditya Reddy, as Coordinator and Sri Rohit Ashrit, as Secretary, who will all work together for the betterment of real estate sector in Telangana State. The new team set the agenda by announcing an increased focus on builders’ unity, expansion of CREDAI network to more districts with a focus on empanelling responsible builders and assist them and their teams to upskill and be prepared for the increasing demand for housing in the other districts.

Speaking on the occasion Sri, D. Murali Krishna Reddy, Chairman of CREDAI Telangana said, ”Telangana State is on a growth path since the formation of the state, under the proactive and visionary leadership of Hon’ble CM Shri K, Chandrashekhar Rao & Hon’ble minister for MAUD, Shri KT Rama Rao. The growth in the state is not restricted to Hyderabad, but is also rapidly percolating to the districts. Real Estate sector is a key driver to this growth. The sector generates employment throughout the year unlike the seasonal nature of employment in agriculture sector. To enable a stable and sustainable growth, a few things need to be considered. It is imperative that a well laid out master plan is prepared for the state clearly marking the approach roads and the gram panchayat roads. Government should have representatives from CREDAI to help prepare a comprehensive master plan for the state. The permissions should be given to the new layouts based on the master plan with appropriate development charges. Also, in case of GO111, which government wants to remove, we propose to incorporate setting of environment friendly amusement parks like Disneyland, Universal Studio in the masterplan for this area. This will help improve the overall appeal of the state and offer a better standard of living to the people in the state and make it a destination for tourism for the state.”

Outlining the agenda of the new office bearers Sri E. Premsagar Reddy, President, CREDAI Telangana said, “The real estate sector has seen a robust demand in Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana state, due to the proactive governance and focus on infrastructure development in the state. We are happy that the TS RERA committee is set up in the state. They should act promptly to curb the Pre-Launch Sales. Also, they should set up separate committees to help quick redressals of issues faced by the developers especially from Tier 2/ Tier 3 cities. We at CREDAI Telangana are going to conduct several training programs to help the developers in districts to understand the provisions of TS RERA and comply with it. To accelerate the growth of the real estate sector and ensure good quality construction in tier 2 and tier 3 cities CREDAI Telangana will focus on setting up a skill development centre at the new office which will help members understand the new technologies, train their staff to efficiently leverage it. It is observed that the average productivity of a real estate worker in India is much less than in countries like China. CREDAI Telangana would like to help tackle this problem by setting up a ‘Skilling Centre of Excellence’ in 3-4 districts, to run targeted programs for upskilling the workforce. We will also look at expanding our network by adding chapters from more districts. Presently we have 15 chapters and would like to add quality builders, who adhere to the CREDAI code of ethics and are committed to offer quality projects to customers on scheduled timelines, as we increase the district chapters and expand members in the existing chapters. At CREDAI Telangana, we would like to create platforms like property show across districts, to facilitate creating credible platforms for homebuyers to purchase the properties from reputed member developers across locations. We will also continue with our regular features like ‘CREATE’ awards and STATECON later this year to further galvanize the industry.”

Adding to this Sri, K. Indrasena Reddy, President-Elect, CREDAI Telangana said, “The Indian Real estate sector is predicted to be worth $1 Trillion by 2030 up from $200 billion in 2021. The sector will contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. Real estate sector has been witnessing significant and consistent growth since the formation of the state driving by the proactive policies and efforts by the state government. The business sentiment is very positive and Government is ensuring development and setting up industrial corridors leading to districts to ensure a balanced growth across the state. This is boosting employment generation and driving the demand for real estate in the state. For the current year FY 2023-24 as on 1st August 4,23,679 documents were registered generating a revenue of Rs. 3634 Cr which is significantly higher when compared to last year revenue for the same period. This is a clear indicator that the real estate sector in the state is very robust. This will be greatly accelerated by a comprehensive industrial policy aimed at dispersed development across the state. During 2018-19, Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) launched ‘Startup India Telangana Yatra’ with an attempt to promote entrepreneurship in tier II and tier III cities, which is showing positive results. All these initiatives have been instrumental in driving industrial growth, in Tier II, Tier III cities, boosting the demand for the real estate sector in the state.With our efforts to further help the fraternity through counselling and training interventions to help adopt new technologies and practices in the tier 2 / tier 3 towns, we are likely to see a further improvement in this trend.”

Adding to this Sri G. Ajay Kumar Secretary, CREDAI Telangana added, “Telangana State is now attracting investments through various industries like Textiles, Auto- ancillaries, Pharma & Health Care, IT, ITeS, Aviation, Food Processing, etc. in the designated corridors across the state. The state government has started work on the ‘One District, One Product’ scheme, which aims to identify and promote products that have the high market potential for both export promotion and import substitution, ensuring the development of industrial zones, benefitting the districts, bringing the development of infrastructure and industries, healthcare and creating employment. This has resulted in the demand for real estate across the state. CREDAI Telangana has a focus on helping the district chapters expand members and provide them access to new technologies, skill development of manpower, and ensuring adherence to the guidelines of RERA, ensuring an ethical and healthy real estate sector across the state.”

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