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Revamp of Real Estate Times and – for easy login and content submissions. Both remains aimed at discerning, mature, educated global readers and investors under served by a media obsessed with rumour, bias and ephemera. In a world of rapid financial change, Real Estate Times will remain an indispensable resource and companion to real estate businesses, policy makers, individual and institutional investors. Partner with us to experience the difference!

This will offer improved functionality and user interface. RealEstateTimes members are expected to be provided with a lot of additional data via mobile platform, and a number of new features will be added to make it easy for members and users to check facts and learn more about property market dynamics world-wide.

Listing a Property, Blog, News Story, PR or Article is FREE, just signup and submit yourself. Exiting / old users on both content portals can use “Forgot password” option to login.

Real Estate Times is a community-driven eMagazine and Social Media Portal (no print version available) and is divided into different Sections - all frequently updated. Covers Residential and Commercial Real Estate News, including Buyer Advice, Seller Advice, Borrower Advice, New Homes, Home Loans, Interior and Architecture, Agency Trends, Realty Jobs, Events, Polls, Exhibitions, Meetups, Rental Advice, Announcements, Location Reports and Special Columns. More at

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