Integrated Townships: Resolution to Urban Crisis in India?


The restricted land availability and therefore the immense unbridgeable gap between the demand and supply for individual plots in addition with rising populace within the metro cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, etc. have provoked the demand and development of condominiums, flats, complexes and gated associations. Moreover, higher wages, up-style, increasing objective levels and enlarged data on international movements have created the existing new-generation property buyers further acutely aware relating to the properties they need to invest in.

Nevertheless, the feeble urban planning – coming up with across most of the states, lack of conveyance, longer moving them to the offices and inadequate infrastructure, urban planning has supplementary woes to the property buyers instead of sanctioning them for an enhanced and improved living. In most of the cities, new development areas don’t seem to be planned accurately and therefore; don’t act as satellite cities, however just as residential district residential areas (Nov 3, 2014).

Answer to existing complicated concern in key metros and tier I cities lies in integrated townships. Usually, an integrated township have some key features and elements like:

Public infrastructure:-

1)Institution: A high faculty with education up to a minimum of 12th standard must be normal and is setup within the township, shortening the traveling time between home and school and successively providing the kids with longer time for play and studies.

2)Medicare: A decent health care facility with a minimum of 50-plus beds associate in nursing and emergency care unit is ready inside the township, thereby assisting residents.

3)Amusement: Adequate area for basic sports like soccer, cricket, court games and fitness facilities together with a gymnasium and swimming pools area unit discovered among the integrated township in Gujarat state to reinforce social way.

4)Community Center: A spacious, well-decorated community center with a club house and a function hall is set up within the township.

Infra Services:-

1)Road Networks: Well-planned road network each among the township and connecting to the closest main road or highway, thus easing communication.

2)Water Supply & Management: A well-organized and continual water management system is made among the integrated township, providing 24×7 hours of water facility to residents furthermore as treating the wastewater generated among the township and recycling it. This additionally reduces the dependence on municipal facility.

3)Electricity & Management: Though an integrated township based on a public or non-public utility provider for basic power supply, it’s sufficient, if not exuberant, back-up power for each home and customary areas throughout temporary or regular power cuts or disruptions by the utility provider.

4)Communication infra: sensible quality telecommunication services also are created accessible among the township division and nearby.

Estate management:
1)The Waste Management: Sensible waste/garbage collection, aggregation, treatment and disposal system could be a better solution for an eco-friendly township. By this way, life remains healthy.

2)Infrastructure maintenance: Correct and regular maintenance of roads, footpaths, parks, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, kids play areas and customary areas as well as community center are important for a developed integrated township.

3)Security: Advanced estate security associated safety for all residents could be a vital part of an integrated township.

Shopping and entertainment:

1)Entertainment: Quality cinema or multiplex, widespread games and child recreation facilities ought to be established among the integrated township.

2)Shopping: Well-stocked grocery stores likewise shopping centers as well as branded garment stores, electronic merchandise ought to be established among the integrated township.

3)Food courts: Sensible quality, and hygienic food courts with plentiful menu choices ought to be established with within the townships to cater to the style buds of all sorts of residents.

Proximity to workplace:

While the intent of an integrated township is often to own the geographical point and also the residential domicile in close proximity, within the current background of double-income families, it’s much not possible to realize this objective totally. However, it will establish sufficient, well-equipped workplace house infrastructure and provide lower rentals to draw in firms, banks and company homes and make ample of opportunities for residents. Except for this, to develop communication between the township and also the geographical point for the remainder of the residents, the situation of the township ought to be specified it’s simply accessible from numerous components of the city.

Integrated township example,

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