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Bureau of Standards (BIS) invites Pubic Comments on National Building Code of India

National Building Code of India (NBC) is a prestigious document of BIS which is widely used and implemented in India. It is a single document in which, like a network, the various information related to building planning, design, construction and other concerned aspects is woven into pattern of continuity and cogency with the interdependent requirements of its different chapters, carefully analyzed
and fitted in, to make the whole document a cogent continuous volume.
The Code mainly contains provisions on Administration, Development Control Rules and General Building Requirements, Fire and Life Safety, Building Materials, Structural Design, Construction including safety during construction, Building Services, Plumbing Services, Landscaping, Signages and Outdoor Display Structures, and also Sustainability aspects.
The current version of NBC is NBC 2005 which is being revised to incorporate extensive modifications to make it the most contemporary, modern and state-of-the-art document. The proposed list of contents of the revised NBC is attached herewith. As a part of the above ambitious project of Revision of NBC taken up by BIS, drafts for revision are issued in Wide Circulation for eliciting public comments.
Draft is available at the URL up to the last date of comments. Keep track of the this URL for various other documents relating to revision of NBC, likely to be uploaded in near future.