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Workshop: Inspection, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Bridges

Bridges are the lifeline of the entire Nation. They not only serve an important function of connecting two towns or cities, civilisation centres but they enable to a great extent quick communication system and directly be responsible for increase in trade and overall development of the surrounding area. The collapse or closure of any bridge causes not only a great inconvenience but also great financial and human loss. Recent example of Old Savitri River Bridge collapse is an eye opener. Repairs to comparatively recently constructed Vasai Creek Bridge is creating huge loss of time, extra fuel consumption due to diversions as well as great inconveniences to the commuters.
In view of the same Workshop 69: ‘INSPECTION, REPAIRS & REHABILITATION OF BRIDGES’ is a subject of great importance. It is important for every civil and structural engineer. One need not be a bridge engineer to understand this subject or attend this workshop.
CONTACT Ms. SnehaNaik (Workshop Coordinator)
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