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Sustainability in tourism is a positive phenomenon which lays emphasis on the growth of the local communities, culture, support the local people so as they can be the part of the industry and helps in contributing to it.

Market Research firm Ken Research, in its recently announced report states about the Sustainability in the Travel and Tourism Industry providing information about the key trends and opportunities. Travel and tourism industry works hand in hand so as to support the sustainability in tourism and make it beneficial for them. The basic idea of sustainable tourism is to pay back the demographics which help them to grow.

Report title “Changing Trends in Business Travel Booking in 2016-2017“describe that the need for the sustainable tourism arise because of with the rise in the tourism, there has been a significant impacts on natural resources, consumption pattern, social systems etc. therefore for surviving in long term, the need for sustainable management should be adopted by the travel and tourism industry. Many travel and tourism industries have already started contributing their bit in sustainable tourism by reducing cost, improving efficiency, and minimizing the carbon footprints.

Despite of the high establishment cost of sustainable tourism, it helps in reducing the operational cost and enhancing the workers’ productivity which will indirectly help in generating revenues for the travel and tourism companies. The travel and tourism companies have especially came up with the ideas like the consumers will be charged 10% more if they want green lodging which helps in sustainable tourism.

The sustainable tourism gives rise to three tourism activities:
Voluntourism: It deals with teaching the local people about the travel transformation and giving them knowledge about various languages.
Ecotouism: The basic idea behind this tourism is that the tourist will travel more to the remote areas to enjoy the holistic side to nature.
Pro-poor tourism: This kind of tourism means where instead of going on a vacation then , the tourist visit in any of the poverty stricken areas where people are in a need to food , medicine and etc.

But what is the use of sustainable tourism and how it will be helping? The sustainable effect on travel and tourism cannot be underestimated. The positive power of both the money and utilisation of manpower to bear some social issues. Huge amount have been spent on sustainable tourism. It acts as a valuable economic tool for the travel and tourism industry as it will increase the revenues for it and also helps in maintain social responsibility.

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Global Travel and Tourism Industry
Global Tourism Market Competition
Travel and Tourism Industry Future Outlook
Global Hotel Sector
Global Travel and Tourism Market Analysis
Global Travel and Tourism Companies
Business Travel Industry Research

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