Price Competitiveness in Furniture Industry & Demand for Bedroom Furniture


– The bedroom furniture market has showcased 2.3% growth in 2017 in the UK.
– Replacement of old furniture is most on demand.

Bedroom Furniture highlight market analysis for past, present and future outlook of the market. It discusses market size in value and volume in the UK bedroom furniture market. Report also highlights major retailer’s profile and consumer data. Report is useful for the manufacturers, retailers and policy makers to understand market potential and growth opportunities. Consumer behavior analysis helps to understand target group and spending habits.

In the UK people generally look for replacement of old furniture to maximize the benefit of buying a new furniture. According to study almost 62% buyer prefer to replace old or unwanted furniture. Additionally, this is highly price sensitive market which benefits consumers and encourage them to look for new furniture. Many new retailers have entered in the UK bedroom furniture sector in recent years. Mattresses lead the category in terms of advancement of the product. However dressing tables are going off the shelf with falling demand year on year due to lack of space and advancement in interior designs.

With rising awareness people interest is turning towards health benefits even while making purchase decision for bedroom furniture. Majorly mattresses are on demand which is recommended for back pain and accurate body posture. Technical advancement has been witnessed in the bedroom furniture market with the introduction of smart apps to monitor your sleep cycle. Smart pillows have been launched to track movements in the night while sleeping, to help you to identify your snoring, in built speakers to give relaxation while sleeping and introduced nap pods.

Key players covered in the report:
– Argos
– Bensons
– Dreams
– Homebase
– John Lewis
– Marks and Spencer
– Next
– Tesco

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